Our Process

Getting Started with EQP!: Your Resource for Insurance Agency Accounting Services

Outsourcing your insurance agency accounting services is a cost-effective way to maximize your company’s revenue and growth. We ensure you are in good hands with EQP!’s insurance accountants, with over 17 years of experience, they effectively communicate with you every step of the way.

Below is a summary of our remote accounting services process:

  • Complete survey to receive quote.
  • Love our quote.
  • Sign and return contract and confidentiality agreement.
  • We will assign a Team Leader for your account along with contact information for other staff members that may assist with your account.
  • Provide access to your management system with admin rights.
  • Provide view access to online banking for each cash account on your balance sheet.
  • If EQP! is responsible for retrieving accounting documents such as commission statements or vendor bills from an online source, provide us with login credentials.
  • Provide a list of personnel and who to contact for check printing, missing transactions, etc.
  • Start providing documents to EQP! via front-end scanning.
  • Processing begins!
  • EQP! will send an invoice toward the end of the month for that month’s processing.
    • Coming soon, ACH payment option will be available.
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