About Us

Providing Efficient and Quality Accounting Services for Independent Insurance Agencies

EQP! stands for Efficient, Quality Performance, and that is the level of service we have been offering the insurance accounting industry since 2009. We focus our help toward independent insurance agencies, offering our expertise in Applied Systems software including TAM and Epic.

Since 2005, Equipoise Accounting & Finance Professionals, LLC, has been providing contract accounting services for clients across multiple industries. Based on the success of serving those clients, as well as the real need for Efficient, Quality Performance of accounting services in the insurance industry, EQP! was launched in 2009 to serve independent insurance agencies.

We know there are others that provide agency accounting services – we strive to be known as the ones who do it best.

Based upon the business work flow of each individual client, EQP! provides custom designed, remote access accounting services tailored to the client’s needs.

Whether you have an employee on vacation, a change in staff or just need an experienced accountant to handle your accounting and bookkeeping, we will cater to your insurance agency’s workflow. Choose from our a la carte of accounting services, depending on your businesses needs. We pride ourselves in adapting to your company’s workflow and working in tandem with you to build an ongoing professional relationship.

Meet the Owners

Penelle Strum


From the beginning, Penelle loved science and solving the unsolvable.  With an accounting background in tax and plain old accounting fundamentals, Penelle enjoys the nitty-gritty of insurance accounting, and getting it right.

Elisa Ameen


It’s a good thing Elisa is prepared for the zombie apocalypse.  The zombies would have a brain feast on the knowledge Elisa has acquired in the 20+ years of accounting, working 17 of those years specifically with independent insurance agencies.

Stephanie Roscoe


Have you ever met someone so knowledgeable about finance, insurance and accounting and still relates to people?  Neither had we.  As President of EQP!, Stephanie operates on an oddly shaped geometric plane with an ability to work alongside anybody,  is hands-on, and dedicated to improving whatever she touches.

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