About Us

Ensuring a Sense of Peace…. by Serving as Your Resource for Insurance Agency Accounting

Since 2005, EQP! has worked collaboratively to provide accounting and bookkeeping services to independent insurance agencies throughout the United States.

But why do we come to work?  Why do we do, what we do? It’s because we know our Core Purpose:

Ensuring a Sense of Peace

  • We help protect what’s important: Families, Homes and Livelihoods because…
    • We make #s make sense.
    • We share the stories the #s are telling.
    • We give you the gift of time (to focus on what you do best).


At EQP! we are committed to guiding our clients through the ins and outs of daily bookkeeping transactions – as well as the complexity of Premium Accounting. We explain what the numbers mean, simplifying sometimes confusing procedural processes to make them more easily understood by our clientele.

We stand ready to help our clients navigate their financial responsibilities with our decades of proven accounting acumen, as well as our expert, caring guidance.

Meet the Owners

Penelle Strum

Director of Alchemy

From the beginning, Penelle loved science and solving the unsolvable.  With an accounting background in tax and plain old accounting fundamentals, Penelle enjoys the nitty-gritty of insurance accounting, and getting it right. While Penelle still works with Clients on Special Projects, her primary focus is now the financials of EQP! – and the alchemy of our strategic growth.

Elisa Ameen

Happiness Advocate

It’s a good thing Elisa is prepared for the zombie apocalypse.  The zombies would have a brain feast on the knowledge Elisa has acquired in the 20+ years of accounting (17 of those years working specifically with independent insurance agencies). Putting that plethora of knowledge to good use, Elisa focuses on internal training of our EQP! Teams and onboarding of new Clients. Prioritizing getting our relationship off to a good start is how Elisa brings happiness to all of us.

Stephanie Roscoe

Client Success Advisor

Have you ever met someone so knowledgeable about finance, insurance, and accounting yet who still relates to people?  Neither had we. As Client Success Advisor, Stephanie focuses on new Client inquires and is the first person you’ll talk to when requesting a quote. She’ll take time getting to know you, your current accounting needs and how EQP! can make it even better once we join forces. Speaking of joining forces, Stephanie also works with current Clients, staying in touch to make sure our relationship continues to meet expectations. No matter the tenure of a Client, her honest dialogue will ensure continued success for all of us.

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